KeLana Hawes

Event Coordinator

KeLana, one of the first individuals you will meet for the team, is the granddaughter of the woman who inspired Cassandra to cook.  She is also known as Cassandra's "Right Hand."  She gets chills seeing the transformation of a dream come true, and will go out of her way for you to enjoy your Unique Events experience.

Cassandra and Glen Brinson


Cassandra and Glen Brinson have been event planners and catering professionals in the Richmond County area for over 20 years. Their effortless ability to create diverse and culturally classic cuisines while focusing on providing memorable high quality catering with an outstanding level of service, have resulted in hundreds of successful events over the years.

Cassandra discovered her passion for cooking and entertaining in her mom’s kitchen. And those southern hospitality roots influences every aspect of Cassandra’s catering from her personalized service, and custom menus to her distinctive presentation of food and décor.  In 2000, with the support of her husband Glen, Cassandra translated her passion for cooking and creating memorable events into a business—Café 209 Restaurant and Unique Events and More.  Café 209and Unique Events and More promise each client a memorable event with superb cuisine, friendly service, great presentation, and the assurance of high standards in every detail. “Our goal is to provide seamless execution and a commitment to quality, value, and style”.  

As the creators, head chefs, and owners of Café 209 Restaurant and Unique Events and More, Cassandra and Glen oversee the business’s day-to-day operations and kitchen management. Cassandra and Glen are distinguished for their leadership, talent and creativity, which have earned them many awards and features in many local magazines and in the national magazine, The Southern Living.  Cassandra and Glen also cooked and catered for many celebrities, athletes and public figures, including Augusta National Master Golf Tournament participants.